Transnational Education

Delivery of Transnational Education (TNE) undergraduate & post graduate programmes through a Joint Institute in China

Undergraduate Programmes

Sinocampus has established a number of joint programmes between UK and Chinese universities at undergraduate level, starting in 2007.

More recently, we have implemented programmes through a Joint Institute (JI) model, with all 4 years taught in China.

Year 1 is a Foundation year to improve students’ English language ability, with the actual teaching starting in Year 2. Faculty from the UK university teach 1/3 of the modules in China (years 2-4) using English as the teaching medium and the same material as classes in UK. The remaining 2/3 of the course is taught by the Chinese faculty, either in Chinese or in English depending on the specific module.

The Chinese partner university works with the UK university to deliver programmes taught in English in China over 2 sessions comprising 4 weeks & 6 weeks per year, for 3 years. All tuition is carried out in China or can be delivered through online means for the foreseeable future.

The Chinese and the UK university partners agree on the curriculum & syllabus together, including the Chinese university’s compulsory course and incorporating the UK university’s modules or courses which can add the most value.

Students are awarded both a Chinese and UK BSc/BA degree.

Post-graduate Programmes

The global pandemic since early 2020 has hindered communications and exchanges between China and UK universities. More and more Chinese students are considering to stay in China for their further education as an alternative to studying overseas. To meet this increasing demand, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) and Sinocampus wish to collaborate with UK universities to jointly develop cooperation and exchanges with partner universities across China to run Masters programmes.

The education level is Masters / Post-Graduate degree run as a 2+0 dual-degree programme, with degrees awarded by both universities.

The Masters programmes consist of approximately 24 teaching weeks, of which 8 teaching weeks will be delivered by the UK partner university. The UK university can deliver the courses in a flexible and intensive way in March and/or in September per year.

-2/3 of the courses delivered by Chinese universities (i.e.16 weeks).

-1/3 of the courses delivered by UK universities (i.e. 8 weeks).

What we do

Sinocampus is a dedicated education service provider connecting higher education institutes in China and the UK to build an entrepreneurial future together.

Transnational Education

Transnational education programmes in China at undergraduate and post-graduate level between universities in China and the UK.

Enterprise Education

Enterprise education through teacher training programmes, curriculum development, competitions for vocational colleges and technical universities across China.

Training in the UK

Teacher training programmes and study tours for higher education policy-makers. Summer and winter programmes for English language camps.


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