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We offer a range of training programmes in UK for Chinese teachers. Our aims are:

To communicate and discuss academic issues such as English teaching strategies and integrated educational skills in English teaching to improve the teaching and research ability of English language teachers in China;

To explore UK university education by communicating with students and faculties in partner UK universities, and to improve the intercultural communication ability by closer integrating between UK and Chinese staff;

To discuss scientific research systems and professional development in UK universities, improving teachers’ scientific research ability through project training with the ultimate target for teachers to carry out teaching practice and academic research effectively after returning to work in China.

We also

Research on intercultural communication

Language is an important part of culture, which reflects the culture of a nation. Therefore, the ultimate goal of English language teaching is to cultivate intercultural communication ability. Therefore, we plan to conduct intercultural communication research training from the aspects of British history and culture, comparison and discussion between Chinese and English cultures, strategies of cultural integration in language teaching process, cultural competence and individual cultural identity, and contrastive research on the personal development of Chinese and British teachers.

Sociolinguistic research

Sociolinguistics focuses on the study of language and its application from the perspective of the interrelationship between language and social factors. Sociolinguistic research plays an important role in college English teaching. In this program, we plan to further study sociolinguistics through the training of diversity and fairness in language teaching and the comparison and discussion of the differences between Chinese and English language, society and education.

Classroom management research

The classroom is the starting point of our work, so classroom management is a skill we must master. During the training, we will delve into classroom management skills by joining in lectures and salons such as English classroom teaching mode in contrast, learning disabilities, second language acquisition and classroom management principle and behaviour.

Research on the integration of educational technology courses

The application of educational technology has a profound impact on English teaching. Academic lecture technology aided by cultural understanding and global awareness model, education of information technology application, education technology application in English teaching will let us understand the education technology to teaching auxiliary role in the developed countries, at the same time, education technology research methods of case analysis will make us more experience in an instance to the charm of modern education technology.

Chinese-foreign cooperation has brought me more opportunities to enjoy more English teaching, gain a lot of fresh knowledge and opinions, and improve my overall quality.

SDAU Chen Xiaoran, Class Representative


Sinocampus has an excellent network across high schools and colleges in China to recruit students who are interested in pursuing their undergraduate studies in universities in the UK. We work closely with some of the leading student recruitment agencies in China to ensure that the students’ profile is the right fit for our UK partner universities.

We run our student recruitment business through an alliance with the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE) to provide a range of services for students wishing to study at some of the best universities in UK, providing as wide a range of studies as possible, not to mention the possibility of finding work in UK after graduation and staying on at their chosen university to pursue a Masters degree or further research work.

English class of RELM 2-50

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Sinocampus is a dedicated education service provider connecting higher education institutes in China and the UK to build an entrepreneurial future together.

Transnational Education

Transnational education programmes in China at undergraduate and post-graduate level between universities in China and the UK.

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Enterprise education through teacher training programmes, curriculum development, competitions for vocational colleges and technical universities across China.

Training in the UK

Teacher training programmes and study tours for higher education policy-makers. Summer and winter programmes for English language camps.


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