Entrepreneurship event at Jilin Provincial Vocational College Skills Competition 2022

On 29th November 2022, the Entrepreneurship event at Jilin Vocational College Skills Competition (Higher Vocational Group) was successfully concluded. The event was organised by the Jilin Provincial Department of Education; undertaken by Changchun Finance College; and co-sponsored by Sinocampus in its role of NCEE (China), Jingdong Logistics and Beijing Jingdong Qianshi Technology Company. Totally 26 vocational colleges from across the province joined this event (20% of all colleges in Jilin Province).

This event aimed to test students’ financial, commercial and entrepreneurial knowledge and abilities as well as innovative thinking, professional ethics and quality improvement to show the results of vocational education reforms, build a communication platform for entrepreneurship education amongst educators and students from the various colleges, and promote the high-quality development of financial and business majors in vocational colleges.


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