Entrepreneurship event at Jilin Provincial Vocational College Skills Competition 2022


An ‘International Entrepreneurial Workshop 2022’ was organized by the Sino-UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Vocational Education Alliance (Beijing), supported by the Beijing College of Finance and Trade and the National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE China) and co-sponsored by Sinocampus was successfully concluded online on 4th December 2022. The aim of the workshop was to promote entrepreneurship education reform and support the training of entrepreneurial educators in colleges and universities. The workshop lasted for two days, involving 6 experts with experience in vocational education and entrepreneurship, drawing on good practices in China and UK. The workshop also built an international platform for exchange and discussion between Chinese and UK vocational education institutions. The training won unanimous praise from all participants, with more than 600 educators from the Alliance colleges and the secondary and vocational colleges from other regions of China gathering online. Participation was three times higher than the corresponding event in 2021, showing the high levels of enthusiasm in the sector.


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